Once again, through the medium of photography, Digital Imprint Volume 2 is delighted to present the daring, original and stark work of Giulo Muratori’s time spent with the The Intruders. They are a distinct and collaborative troupe of photographers who ventured through the historical cracks and cravasses of Italy’s storied architecture. Lens in hand, The Intruders snaked through the canals of Venice en route to ghostly islands. In Predappio, they crawled through the planks of a boarded up abandoned airplane factory built in 1930 by none other than Benito Mussolini. They fearlessly ventured through the streets of San Marco to a boat that took them to the Venetian island of Lido. This once vibrant city now lay empty, barren and bereft of life. Here, they captured images of a dystopian, abandoned hospital. A place once built to preserve life, now itself, lifeless. The Intruders shot these and many other austere images over a stretch of two weeks and five locations all using the stunning and complex backdrop of Italy. With quiet dignity, the naked and abandoned buildings narrate the gallery of Italy’s complicated past. Come and experience the five unique locations and settings and let the “Abandoned” structures of this rich and diverse country tell their tale. IN SUPPORT OF: DPlogo copy The daughter project is a holistic, asset-based approach to combat the trafficking and abuse of young girls. In recent years, human trafficking has reached crisis levels globally and has rapidly spread to become a $32 billion per year industry. The Daughter Project considers the need for awareness, education, economic development, rescue intervention, and long term care of girls. We work with local authorities, community-based organizations, and volunteers to prevent, intercept, and restore young girls back to their families. “We rescue them not to keep them… but to free them.”