Havana Revolution +50

Each of our offerings are unique to a trip to Havana, 50 years after the Revolution. It was a time of celebration and a truly special experience for outside visitors to share in. Each capture will be reproduced, custom stretched and varnished only 5 times before being retired. The pieces are numbered and signed by Halcyon Tan and Norm Laco before being delivered.

Note: Certain pieces have been sold out- please contact us for further details.

Halcyon Tan is the Creative Principal for Imprint Marketing Group. As the name suggests, the company’s objective is to leave lasting impressions with clients and in the work they provide for them. As they strive to achieve their goals in business, the company also aspires to launch additional efforts that will reflect its primary mission of making a lasting mark. Digital Imprint is their debut offering in the arts community. It is Halcyon’s hope that Digital Imprint will provide a platform for other future photographers to gain significant exposure and help them grow as emerging artists with an outlet to showcase their work.

Norman Laco is a freelance photographer, based out of Toronto, Canada. Having spent a good portion of his life traveling both as a musician and a photographer, he gained an appreciation for storytelling. His images create a visual narrative, revealing a beauty in ordinary life that is too often overlooked.